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Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing Networking Forum

Strategies and Cooperative Ways to Facilitate Overseas Korean Scientists Network

Dec 15 Tue 9:10-11:00 pm (EST) / Dec 16 Wed 11:10-1:00 pm (KST)

Sung Min Kim
Director of GBIHN

Jayoung Kim

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Recently, innovative technologies such as information and communication technology (ICT), biotechnology (BT), and nanotechnology (NT) have been fused with healthcare. Therefore, the importance of healthcare R&D such as regenerative medicine, precision medicine, new medicine, medical device, healthcare big-data, healthcare technology, and healthcare technology infrastructure is being highlighted, and it is becoming more important to global talent nurturing.

Center for Global Biomedical Innovation Human Network (GBIHN) is being supported by a grant from the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI). GBIHN aims to support the project of the Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing. GBIHN deals not only with expanding global networking for biomedical talent nurturing but with developing global training programs for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with foreign partner universities.

This forum touches core an overview of the Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing and introduces how GBIHN work. The rest of this forum is organized as follows. Presentation 2 and 3 introduce overall trends of the global training program. Following the presentations, the short panel discussion sessions will try to exchange opinions for the strategies and cooperative ways to facilitate a network as well as to develop a global training program and a cooperative agenda. After this forum, we hope to hold an in-depth meeting and seminars around the biomedical global training program in the next few months. For detailed information exchange, GBIHN welcome to contact our homepage at

Chair: Sung Min Kim (Director, GBIHN)


Titles and Speakers

11:10 am (KST)

Overview of the Center of Global Biomedical Innovation Human Network and Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing Program

Sung Min Kim (Director, GBIHN)

11:30 am

Trends of the Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing on Healthcare Big-data, Regenerative Medicine, and Medical Device

Prof. Sae Ock Oh (Department of Anatomy, Pusan National University)

11:45 am

Trends of the Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing on New Medicine and Precision Medicine

Prof. Dong Wook Kim (Department of Pharmacy, Hanyang University)

12:00 pm

Trends of the Biomedical Global Talent Nurturing for

Individual Researcher

12:15 pm

Panel Discussion (1)

The cooperative ways to develop a global training program for biomedical talent nurturing

12:50 pm

Panel Discussion (2)

The strategies to facilitate a cooperative network between GBIHN and overseas Korean scientists

•All the speakers in this forum are invited speakers.