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Daily Plenary Raffles and Leaderboard Prizes

There will be daily raffles, which will be held at the plenary sessions. Winners must be present to win when the drawing takes place.

Day 1 Opening Plenary: Apple iPad Pro
Day 2 Plenary: Apple AirPods Pro
Day 3 Plenary: Oculus Quest 2
Day 4 Closing Plenary: Apple iPad Air

Leaderboard Prizes

Start Date and Time: December 14, 6:30 PM (EST)
End Date and Time: December 17, 9:20 PM (EST)

Drinkware from top brands will be directly mailed to the addresses of the top 50 contestants on the leaderboard.

  • 1st to 10th place: Prize equivalent to $40 – $50
  • 11th to 30th place: Prize equivalent to about $30
  • 31st to 50th place: Prize equivalent to about $20

Leaderboard Point System

Action Points
View a Live Streaming Plenary Session 300 points
Attend a Live Zoom Plenary Session 300 points
Attend a Live Zoom Session
(Symposium/Forum/IES/YGPF/DSW/KOFST YG)
100 points
Booth Visit 100 points
Booth Banner Click 50 points
Booth Menu Tab Click 50 points
View Booth Document 50 points
View Booth Video 50 points
Attend a Booth Chat 20 points
View a Poster 20 points
Watch a Video in Info Desk 50 points
Watch a Welcome Video in Lobby 50 points

Sample prize images for the 1st to 10th place (double-wall water bottle)
Sample prize images for the 11th to 30th place (20 oz tumbler)
Sample prize images for the 31st to 50th place (10 oz tumbler)