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KIAT’S K-TAG Annual Meeting and Forum

KIAT’s K-TAG Annual Meeting
(Invited only)

December 14 Monday, 9:00-10:00 PM (EST), December 15 Tuesday, 11:00-12:00 AM (KOR)

The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) is a comprehensive technology support organization committed to promoting industrial technology growth in Korea. Korea-Technology Advisory Group (K-TAG) USA launched by KIAT in July 2014, consists of Korean Science and engineering experts in USA. Main activities of K-TAG are 1) to assist Korean Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in finding USA Innovative partners, 2) to provide advice as well as information related to Korea-USA R&D cooperation and 3) to develop and participate in Korea-USA joint R&D projects. In UKC 2018, the members of K-TAG USA in various technical areas will get together to 1) seek research collaborations, 2) present/propose innovative research projects and 3) discuss R&D projects planning with delegates of KIAT in this forum.

Dr. Pomjin Lee
Dr. Jong Y. Park
(Moffitt Cancer Center)

9:00 PMWelcome Remarks
Mr. SeongRyong Kang (KIAT), Dr. Jong Y Park (Moffitt Cancer Center)
9:10 PMProgress of K-TAG USA Projects
Dr. Pomjin Lee (KIAT)
9:20 PMStrategy of Korea-US International Technology Cooperation Project 2021
Dr. PomjinLee (KIAT)
9:30 PMDiscussion of Kor-US technical cooperation projects
Dr. Pomjin Lee (KIAT), Dr. Jong Y Park (Moffitt Cancer Center)

KIAT Forum: Us-Korea Technical Cooperation

December 15 Tuesday, 9-11 PM (EST), December 16 Wednesday, 11 AM-1 PM (KOR)

The KIAT Forum is an event designed to promote international technical cooperation between the United States and Korea. The theme of the forum is the technical cooperation of materials, parts, equipment and COVID-19, cutting-edge technology between the US and Korea. KIAT forum will provide an environment for open discussion and nurturing of partnerships and friendships. KIAT would like to have time to invite renowned speakers from home and abroad to listen to and discuss their international technical cooperation cases and current technology strategies.

Dr. Pomjin Lee
Dr. Chang S. Nam
(NC State University)

9:00 PMWelcome Remarks
Mr. SeongRyong Kang (KIAT)
9:10 PMIntroduction
Dr. Pomjin Lee (KIAT)
9:15 PMMicrosoft’s Holo Lens and Future Technology Prediction
Dr. Taemin Kim (Microsoft)
9:45 PMCurrent status and prospect on COVID-19 vaccine through Korea-US collaboration
Dr. Ji-Young Min (GlaxoSmithKline)
10:15 PMKorea-US international technical cooperation in the field of materials, parts and equipment
Dr. Cheolbok Kim (Corning Inc.)
10:45 PMDiscussion