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Korea Transport Institute Special Session

December 16, 2020 Wednesday
1:00-3:00am (EST) , 3:00-5:00pm (KST)

Korean Mobility Innovation Strategy
KOTI Session Forum at Grand Hyatt, Seoul Meeting Room: Namsan V

Byungkyu Brian Park
University of Virginia

Hee Cheol Shin

The Korean New-deal program has been issued by Korean Government on the last August not only for accelerating domestic industry to promote global economy under the Covid-19 Pandemic situations, but also for creating the related jobs in the area of digital and green industries. One of the most important and/or interesting projects in this program is infrastructure digitalization with related to cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and green mobility by fostering the eco-friendly vehicles in the market including electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.
When the transport infrastructure is digitalized, the mobility information among vehicles, roadways, travelers, and centers by the hyper communication (i.e., V2X generates and accumulate big data in the transport database in real time). The digitalized infrastructure provides autonomous vehicles with connected and/or cooperative automated functions while driving on the roadways. In addition, it provides travelers living in the city with smart mobility services with respect to the measures of effectiveness of time, cost, and eco (green). The special session demonstrates the means to revise the national policy of Korean New-deal program with a concept of Korean Mobility (K-Mobility) New-deal based on infrastructure digitalization, big data, connected automated driving systems, and smart mobility service in smart cities. We hope to hold the K-Mobility New-deal forum at every UKC in the next few years.