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KWSE-KWiSE Joint Forum

December 15, 2020 Tuesday 9:10-11:00 pm

International Collaboration via Webinar and Beyond: Two Tales of Research Partnership

The Association of Korean Women Scientists & Engineers (KWSE) and Korean-American Women in Science and Engineering (KWiSE) invite you to participate in the KWSE-KWiSE Joint Forum. The main purpose of the forum is to share the success story of webinar initiated at the last year’s UKC 2019 meeting, and to foster further collaboration and networking between US and Korea among women scientists and engineers. This year’s topic is “International collaboration via webinar and beyond: Two tales of research partnership” which shows successful cases of collaborative research between KWSE and KWiSE members and aims to further promote synergistic interactions. Technical talks are followed by a panel discussion, which will share experience and know-how how to promote collaborations and partnerships between women scientists and engineers.


Hyo-suk Lim

KWSE President

Jayoung Kim

KWiSE President


Hyunjoo Lee

Hey-Kyoung Lee
Johns Hopkins University

Mirang Kim

Mira Jeong
Baylor College of Medicine


TimeTitles and Speakers
9:10Introduction – Dr. Jayoung Kim (KWiSE) and Dr. Hyosook Lim (KWSE)
9:20Collaboration Case 1
Miniaturized Neurotools for Brain
Dr. Hyunjoo Lee (KAIST)

Developing Non-Invasive Low-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Stimulation Method for Recovering Adult Brain Plasticity
Dr. Hey-Kyoung Lee (Johns Hopkins University)
9:50Collaboration Case 2
Exchange of Epigenomic Technologies of KRIBB & Baylor College of Medicine
Dr. Mirang Kim (KRIBB)

Single-Cell Multi-Omics Profiling
Dr. Mira Jeong (Baylor College of Medicine)
10:20Panel Discussion
Dr. Dong-Yun Kim (NHLBI/NIH),
Dr. Jinah Park (KAIST)

Dr. Jinyoung Jeong (KRIBB)
Dr. Jung Ae Kim (KRIBB)
Dr. Ji Hyun Lee (NIAID/NIH)
Dr. Jinyoung Barnaby (USDA)