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Seoul City Forum

This is the 6th  event with the name of “Seoul City Forum” at the annual US-Korea Conference (UKC). The Seoul Business Agency (SBA) has actively supported the KSEA’s UKC conference since 2015. KSEA also has successfully held forums inviting experts in various disciplines, especially the ones closely related to the issues and technologies that cities always deal with. This year’s topic is “Useful and Helpful New Technologies for Citizens living in the Post-Covid-19 Era.” An RFP for presentations has been sent out to KSEA members. The SBA will review the proposals and selected five proposals for presentation at the UKC2020 Virtual.

The forum will be held in the Korean language. The five presentations will be judged on the day of the presentation by three groups of people; i.e., invited field professionals, SBA officials, and the forum attendees. The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 award, the second-place $500, the third-place $300, and the winners will also receive award certificates issued by the CEO of SBA. All UKC participants are welcome to join the forum. There will be a raffle drawing for 20 attendees for $30 worth of gifts.

Jeho Park
(Claremont McKenna College)

TimeTitle and Speakers
9:10 pmWelcome Remarks
Gyu Chel Jung, Team Manager, R&BD Team (SBA) 
9:15 pmCOVID-19와 새로운 일상 시대의 군중 안전 측정과 관리 방법의 변화에 대한 고찰과 신기술 제안 
Dr. Sejun Song (University of Missouri-Kansas City), 
Dr. Baek-Young Choi (University of Missouri-Kansas City) 
9:35 pm개인 영양 맞춤형 AI기반 3D 푸드 프린터
Ms. Yiyeon Kim (Georgia Tech), Mr. Will Kawamoto (UC Davis)
9:55 pm3D 포인트 클라우드 스트리밍을 이용한 온라인 미팅 시스템
Dr. Jounsup Park (University of Texas at Tyler), Dr. Seungmoo Kim (Georgia Southern Univ.)
Dr. Thomas Moon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
10:15 pmMessage Passing Graph Network 를 이용한 서울 시민들의 개인별 감염 확률 예측
Dr. Sookyung Kim (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), 
Dr. Joonseok Lee (Google Research)
10:35 pm생활 밀착형 바이오패치를 통한 스마트 방역과 비대면 의료 구현
Dr. Yun-Soung Kim (Georgia Institute of Technology), 
Dr. Woon-Hong Yeo (Georgia Institute of Technology)
10:55 pmRaffle and Closing
Dr. Jeho Park (Claremont McKenna College), Forum Chair