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Civil, Environmental, Architecture – CEA

The Civil, Environmental, and Architecture (CEA) Engineering Symposium covers a wide range of areas including architecture, structural engineering, transportation planning and engineering, geotechnical engineering, material science, construction management, water resources and environmental engineering. The CEA symposium will address advanced, smarter, and emerging technologies that foster sustainability and resilience of buildings, infrastructure, and environment. The speakers and participants will share new paradigm and perspectives brought by artificial intelligent (AI), automation, and connectivity and also project future directions in the CEA areas.

Changmo Kim
UC Davis
Youngguk Seo
Kennesaw State University
Eul-Bum Lee

December 16 Wednesday 9:10-11:00pm

CEA Session : Environmental and Structural Engineering. Water Resources, and Architecture

Chair: Changmo Kim (University of California, Davis)

Technical Group J CEA


Titles and Speakers


Life Cycle Assessment on Water Recovery from Boiler Flue Gas

Hyunju Jeong (Arkansas State University)


Pilot-Scale Multi-Panel Cathodes for Bioelectricity Generation from Wastewater

Jaewook Myung (KAIST)


Developing A Risk Assessment Protocol For Alien Fishes In Korea Using Machine Learning Algorithms With Domestic And International Data Sets

Seo Jin Ki (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology)


ANN-Based Loads Prediction Model Of Multi-Source, Multi-Use Heat Pump (MMHP) For Net Zero Energy Buildings (Zebs)

Byeongmo Seo (North Carolina State University)


Finite Element Analysis Of Tectonic Fault Behaviors

Junsuk Kang (Seoul National University)

December 17 Thusday 7:00-9:00pm

CEA Session : Construction Management, Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering, Materials, Urban Planning

Chair: Youngguk Seo (Kennesaw State University)

Technical Group J CEA


Titles and Speakers


Sustainable Asphalt Pavement Structure Based on Performance

Kang-Won Wayne Lee (University of Rhode Island)


Application of Artificial Intelligence and Big data to Decision-making Support for Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) Projects

Eul-Bum Lee (Pohang University of Science and Technology)


Non-Contact Bridge Inspection and Damage Quantification Approach using UAS

Euiseok Jeong (South Dakota State University)


Estimations of Global-scale Surface Soil Moisture Dynamics using Satellite Observations

Hyunglok Kim (University of Virginia)


Framework for Smart Facility Management through Citizen Participation

Soojin Lee (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)